October 26, 2016

World Usability Day
first time in Poznań


What is all about

What is the World Usability Day?

It is a regular conference organised as a part global initiative of World Usability Day.
It exaggerates the meaning of sharing knowledge and exchanging experiences.
WUD is dedicated to a wider UX, usability and design focused on the user as well as modern, innovative and user-friendly solutions.
This year's main topic is Sustainable UX.

Poznan edition is the first and biggest such event in our region.

Whom is our WUD for?

The event is attended by the persons involved in the utility, working in the field of new technology / IT, and inexperienced in this field - everyone who is interested in the topic of good design products and services.



Whom we owe the WUD to

Our Partners

How to get?


The first WUD Poznan is hosted by Poznan University of Technology at the present-day

Lecture Centre

Piotrowo 2 60-965 Poznań